Saturday, December 9, 2017

Review: Rugged Texas Cowboy by Lora Leigh

Rugged Texas Cowboy Rugged Texas Cowboy by Lora Leigh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cowboys and Captives is a fabulous name for this series and it's one well-worth reading! Lora Leigh is an amazing author that always wets your appetite with great characters, quality writing and passion. I thought these two stories were both fun and unique. Not at all a recycled concept or plot.

In Cowboy and the Captive, Melina is the good girl younger twin. She has spent years getting her sister out of trouble by pretending to be Maria for her court appearances and charity work. So much so that the world doesn't even realize that she even exists. But when her parents try to pressure her into helping again when Maria might spend the next 20 years in jail, she's had enough. She stands her ground and gets disowned for her trouble. Little does she know her troubles just begun, when she gets kidnapped by one of Maria's victims. One of the especially hot ones too!

In Cowboy and the Thief, ever since being sent to boarding school when she was young, Angel has been keeping herself contained so as not to be sent away again. She loves her home and family and has no interest in being anywhere else. But keeping herself contained doesn't allow for finding someone to spend your life with. When her father sells a family heirloom out from under her, she can no longer contain herself. Following the buyer back to Texas, she breaks in to his house to get it back. While getting caught wasn't on her agenda, the pleasure it brings may just be worth it.

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Review: Ride Wild by Laura Kaye

Ride Wild Ride Wild by Laura Kaye
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It had been quite some time since I'd read the first two novels in the Raven Riders series. But you can easily follow along with this one, and not really need to have read the previous books at all to love this one. Cora has been living under the protection of the Raven Riders for a while now, and is trying to figure out how to get her life back on track. Babysitting Slider's two boys is one of the things she is doing that she really loves. Not to mention that Slider is this gorgeous lost soul who is very easy to work for. For Sam "Slider," having Cora's help for the past months has been super helpful, but it's also forcing him to wake up from the trance he's been living in for the past few years. Caring for his sick wife took a lot out of him and he barely had anything left for his boys.

Now, those boys are attached to Cora and demanding more of her presence in their lives. With them planting ideas in his head Slider offers Cora an in-house Nanny position. This begins a big stream of change for all involved. Slider and Cora must decide if their interest in each other is what's best for the boys and, oh, there's a dangerous dog fighting ring that's also messing with their lives and the future of the club.

This is a motorcycle club romance series unlike many out their now. It's not into drugs, gun-running or prostitution. More like races and protection. There's violence but it's more in an effort to protect the innocent and help the police get the bad guys. This crew is in this club for the motorcycles and stay around for the family. I really love this aspect of it, especially because I started reading these from meeting them in Laura Kaye's other series, Hard Ink, which is also pretty awesome.

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Review: Leopard's Blood by Christine Feehan

Leopard's Blood Leopard's Blood by Christine Feehan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am only a mediocre fan of this particular Christine Feehan series. The Leopard People have been really hit or miss for me. So I was particularly surprised by who much I liked this one! This was such an awesome book. These two characters meet in really extenuating circumstances.

Sonia is the first female leopard who, I believe, really knew about her leopard before her first heat brought on her change. Gatita saved Sonia life and now she's determine to rebuild and live somewhere where her leopard can run free and she can be happy all the while hiding from her past. When her first heat does actually happen, she thinks she's finally somewhere safe. Little does she know that her neighbor is also a leopard enclave, and Gatita's mating calls are going to draw attention.

Joshua, and his leopard, Shadow, answer Gatita's call and together they do everything they can to mate Sonia and Gatita. Driving them to accept a lasting mating. But Sonia's skittish and Joshua is hiding secrets of his own. Secrets that will ultimately lead Sonia's past right to their door.

We've met Joshua in previous Leopard People novels. He has been a great supporting character and I'm glad he finally got his own story. All of the Leopard People novels seem to be leading down into some ulterior goal which I haven't figured out yet but I loved that Joshua's choice to step into this crime boss position force him and Sonia into conflict. I know that sounds weird but it lead to a pretty phenomenal story. I haven't enjoyed a Leopard story this much since the first one, Wild Rain, which was amazing! I also think that's were we first get introduced to Joshua, although it's been such a long time since I've re-read that one that I may be wrong. Excellent job, Ms. Feehan! (I received this novel as an ARC from Netgalley)

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Review: Vegas is Burning by Trinity Blacio

Vegas is Burning Vegas is Burning by Trinity Blacio
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An excellent new series by Trinity Blacio. Ms. Blacio does an excellent at world building, so much so that readers are mostly whiling to overlook the typographical errors that are common. Her characters and plots are so intricate and interesting that you overlook some of the other issues. This story was a little abrupt in the beginning because characters were talking about a prophecy/destiny thing that I didn't know but once the characters bring you around to it (in a way that works) all of that ends.

Bella and Raul are enmeshed in the end-of-the-world destiny thing that is putting a lot of pressure on people that have their own emotional problems, the added stress of this is almost too much. But their connection cannot be denied. While they are getting to know one another the evil starts coming out of the woodwork. Who's loyal and who is trying to set them up? Surely family will be the way to go. See Raul and Bella navigate through the destined path and into an actual, loving relationship. And since it's Trinity Blacio, throw in a little menage to spice things up. All around well done!

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Review: Dragonsworn by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dragonsworn Dragonsworn by Sherrilyn Kenyon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dragonsworn continues an excellent character progression within the Dark-Hunter series! I'll admit that I had stopped reading Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series, only stopping to read the big characters ones such as Acheron and Styxx's stories. But when the dragon line of stories started, I was back with a vengeance. I really like dragon stories and since it was the first dragon short story that brought me to this series in the first place I was pretty thrilled. Plus, they are jam packed with mythology and how the different pantheons interact. I have no idea how much of it is actual mythology and how much is made-up and I don't really care because it all works out logically for me.

Falcyn character is pretty awesome and since he would definitely need a bad-ass female that wasn't afraid of him, I really liked that the female was Medea, the daimon leader's daughter. They interacted really wonderfully and found themselves in this crazy situation. So many sub-characters are involved that it's difficult to keep them straight but not in a bad way. Thoroughly enjoyed this fun, light read!

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Series Recommendation: Dragon Knights

Dragon Knights by Bianca D'Arc is an awesome series by an amazing author.  Every story is really well written and a wonderful, each about a specific couple that ties all stories into one ultimate story-line.  Many stories are menage relationships while others are one-on-one couples.  Some novels are better than others but they are all really good.   The series does not need to be read in any particular order but it works better if they are. 

Image result for dragon knights bianca darcMy favorites include Ice Dragon and Keeper of the Flame.  I actually started with Ice Dragon, realized it was a series and started back at the beginning.   The menage relationship  that is needed due to the dragon bond is amazing and the family unit created seems really awesome and not just because dragons are a part of them.  At the same time the black dragon mythos makes for an unique bond as well.  All around fun to read and can't wait for the next ones. 

Interestingly, Sea Dragon, Dragon Fire and Dragon Mates is a different type of book for the series.  This is a three-part story that is also the Sea Captain's Daughter series.  These three novels are all together about the same couple that takes on a different aspect of the Dragon Knights world.  It was frustrating when I didn't realize they were dependent on each other, but all together good stories.

Dragon Knights
  1. Maiden Flight
  2. The Dragon Healer
  3. Border Lair
  4. Master at Arms
  5. The Ice Dragon
  6. Prince of Spies
  7. Wings of Change
  8. Firedrake
  9. Dragon Storm
  10. Keeper of the Flame
  11. Hidden Dragons
  12. Sea Dragon
  13. Dragon Fire
  14. Dragon Mates

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Easy DIY Valance

I saw this easy DIY valance on Pinterest a long time ago.  It's been in the back of my head for two years.  Recently, everything came together and I was able to complete it all in two days.  It probably would've only taken one, but I had family for dinner so I took a break on day one.

Anyways, here's how it goes.  A combination of cloth of choice, poly-fil, cardboard longer than the length of your window by 6 to 8 inches,  1-inch wide board and a window rod.   I think I ended up with 1 inch x 1/2 inch wood that I used by handsaw to trim to the correct lengths.$478$I found it easy to use the window rod as a way to attach my valance to the wall without having to do anything really crazy.  Measure your window and tape your adjustable window rod into the correct length.  Use that as a guide for future measurements.  Cut your wood into the proper lengths for the full size of the valence, the ultimate wood frame will be in the same shape as the window rod.  Glue and nail your frame together.  Cut your cardboard into the length of the valence and use your staple gun to attach it to the wood frame.  Then cover with your poly-fil and, finally, the cloth.  The final product is light-weight and easy to hang with the included hang-rod brackets.