Saturday, September 16, 2017

Review: Secrets in Death by J.D. Robb

Secrets in Death Secrets in Death by J.D. Robb
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eve Dallas has always been an amazing observational. She can look at a room once and describe, in detail, what most of the people look like, are wearing and more. But when Larinda Mars is murdered in the very bar she is having after work drinks at, she has no recollection of the suspect. And although Eve really dislikes the murder victim, she must stand for her non-the-less. And isn't just even worse that is happened with her right there?

Since this is book #45 in this series some of the guesswork about who the killer is has become typical for readers, but following the investigation to the evidence needed is still fun. And being able to get to spend time with Eve and Roarke at their super awesome house is great too! Their personal lives, relationship and friends are still some of the best parts of this series and this one doesn't leave you hanging.

I am beginning to wonder if less and less time is passing between each novel though. I wonder if the author has a reason for doing this? Early books would have weeks or months passing between novels and now it's just a handful of days. And since the books come out a year apart it is a bit difficult to remember the small details of the previous novel that are mentioned.

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Review: Dark Legacy by Christine Feehan

Dark Legacy Dark Legacy by Christine Feehan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dragomir is an ancient Carpathian that is doing his duty to protect the Carpathian people but also avoiding everyone since he's ready to end his battle with the darkness. Emeline Sanchez has survived the most atrocious things at the hands of vampires, Vadim Malinov in particular, but now she must face more as the child in her womb, Vadim's child, is in danger.

These two characters are magnificent together and apart. Their journey to each other is unique in many ways but also a little bit typical of books in the Dark Carpathian series since this is the 27th book. You can tell that Ms. Feehan is doing her best to make things new and interesting for readers without being repetitive. Emeline represents a new way to fight off the vampire threat while also presenting a way to introduce new avenues to pursue.

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Review: Daughter of the Everstar by Laura Jo Phillips

Daughter of the Everstar Daughter of the Everstar by Laura Jo Phillips
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow, did I love this book! As a huge fan of Laura Jo Phillips and all of her other novels/series, of course, I was going to read this one. And she definitely meets the expectations of greatness with this novel. Now, I have no idea if this is going to be a part of a series or not, but it definitely has the potential for it and I do hope it does.

Toni makes a wish in a wishing well and is given the choice to have it fulfilled in another realm that needs her help. With three promises in her cap: anyone who tries to rape her will die, no lasting harm can come to her and she cannot die; Toni has one year to find what she's looking for and decide if she wants to stay in this new realm.

Ronan is a place of former magic, where the people have had to relearn how to do everything after their magic was shattered. But not to worry, they have plenty of time to do it since they have a cure for aging. The bigger problem they face is that there haven't been any children born in over three hundred years, then the Bright Queen, a powerful magical creature that favors their world, announces that she will be bringing a Bright Lady to Ronan. This Bright Lady will have a choice to wed one of the head of the Houses of Ronan and be able to produce children.

Not everyone is happy with this announcement, and Toni must navigate through treachery, desire for both of the brothers that lead Wolf House and the plots and schemes of their crazy female relatives. This is a menage story with twists, turns and wonderful characters!

I was up until 2:30 in the morning reading this on a work night and have no idea what I accomplished at work the next day since I still hadn't finished and it was all I could think about. Excellent!!

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Review: Pretty Kitten by May Sage

Pretty Kitten Pretty Kitten by May Sage
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book two in the Age of Night series was a fun addition to this new read I've recently discovered. Following shortly after book 1 (Kitty Cat) finishes, Duante has been fighting his attraction to Clari since they met because she is human and not an acceptable mate. But when his new-born nephew turns out to be a "turner," a rare type of shifter that can convert humans with just a bite, which is forbidden and death-sentence worthy also, Clari is bitten by the little cub and must deal with the possibility of shifting.

And, oh, when it gets out that baby Zachary is a turner, all other shifters ban together to attack and kill both Zachary and Clari. Weird hits the fan in this novel when metaphysical beings come out of hiding to help protect this small clan and prevent this little infant/cub from being destroyed.

A fun, easy read that follow these fun characters and bizarre clan. Looking forward to future novels.

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Fifty Shades Trilogy

Anyways, back to the novels.  As many of you probably know now that there are movies out, this is a romance BDSM trilogy.  There are a lot of books within this genre but it's mostly a hush-hush thing that isn't in the public eye.  The massive popularity of these novels made this subject a mainstream topic of conversation.  And I think that's wonderful!  I'm a big advocate for the live and let live mentality.  What people do in their private lives: who they love, how they love, what they believe in; I'm okay with all of it.  As long as your beliefs aren't shoved under my nose and you're not trying to force them on me, go for it.  I actually really enjoy reading BDSM and erotic romance novels myself.

Image result for fifty shades of grey trilogy
After years of putting it off because of it's mainstream popularity, I finally picked up the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by E.L. James to read.  Now, don't get me wrong I read a lot of mainstream novels when they are popular and I read other books in this genre so it wasn't any of that that put me off reading them for so long.  It was the self-publishing, HUGE number of typos and grammatical errors that were prevalent in early editions.  As a English major and a Librarian there are only so many of those I'm willing to overlook before it becomes a problem for me!!!

I've learned a lot from books and these novels are a lot about teaching about BDSM and what it means.  Anastasia is such a naive young female that has almost no knowledge of anything sexual, which is unusual in the free market of information available today, and Christian is such a wounded, jaded character.  What's not to love?  Throughout these novels we are confronted with the realistic horrors of the world and the things that people do to one another, but also who people can come together to help heal each other.  It's a great representation of today's society.  These do end up being a wonderful trilogy that is worth reading if you don't mind the subject matter described.  It's eye-opening and all about understanding and accepting others even when it involves something that is unfamiliar.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Review: Bear's Touch: A Clan Bear Paranormal Shifter Romance by Emma Alisyn

Bear's Touch: A Clan Bear Paranormal Shifter Romance Bear's Touch: A Clan Bear Paranormal Shifter Romance by Emma Alisyn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What an excellent book. I've taken to really like bear shifter novels, they're all so different. There are many different ways that bear clans could be different from typical shifter novels. And that's not even taking into account the world surrounding the shifter community. This one was fun, intricate and confusing at times. Lea is a strong female bear shifter that is also a healer. But the healer concept is one that I've never seen because she also has a defensive, venomous weapon touch. Between that and her extreme need of healers to have an alpha to lean on in order to not get 'lost' while immersed in healing.

Yurii is the alpha bear that asked for a healer's help when his clan is attacked by dragons. Yes, dragons. Awesome! Lea swoops in and is stubborn and crazy enough to shake everything up for this bear clan, get unexpected mated to the alpha and then pregnant. Not only is she apparently surprising fertile for a healer, but healers also have a truncated and difficult time while pregnant and, oh yeah, there's still problems with dragons.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the intricacies involved in this novel and actually started re-reading it right after finishing because I felt that I'd missed some of the details. All around excellent!

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Review: The Emperor's Arrow by Lauren D.M. Smith

The Emperor's Arrow The Emperor's Arrow by Lauren D.M. Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was an amazingly interesting story with a kick-ass warrior female and strong Emperor that are bound to each other. The world that Ms. Smith builds is unique and one that grabs readers from the very beginning. In a world recently conquered by a legendary Emperor, a call for brides from all the powerful families has been made. Everyone must send someone with the necessary blood ties. The Amazi are some of the best warriors in the Empire, so much so that they're only called to fight when it's absolutely the most dire of needs. They are legends and little is known about them since they rarely leave their island. Evony has been elected to represent her people in the bride call.

Little does she know that more than just her presence is required to pacify the Emperor. He'll need her skills and help even though she knows nothing about court and intrigue. Her warrior skills make such an impression on the soldiers around the palace that she finds herself drawn into the secret reason for putting out the bride call in the first place. Traitors are everywhere and without her, Emperor Galen will not survive the coming battle.

The world created in this novel was wonderful. With hints of historical China, Rome, the Amazons and more all thrown into one big intrigue plot. I was up until two in the morning on a work night, not able to put it down! The growing relationship between Evony and Galen and having the female character be the incredible warrior all combined to make a phenomenal read!

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