Saturday, March 19, 2016

Author Recommendation: S. E. Smith

Are you a fan of science fiction romance novels?  Than I have an author for you.  I came across her due to my Amazon account about a year ago and now, I can't get enough of her stuff.  She has multiple series and every one that I've read is really good!

I recently received a free copy of Gracie's Touch, the first book in the Zion Warriors series.  This novels starts through the eyes of seventeen year old Gracie, who has grown up on an Earth that was invaded by aliens years ago.  She is a member of the resistance, using her computer hacking skills to their advantage.  When she discovers a way to negate the alien technology she must go into space and enter their mother ship.  In her attempt to flee the mother ship before it explodes (in an similar to Independent Day movie scenario), she is flung into the unknown.  Years later when she is finally rescued from where she has crash landed, she finds that she's been catapulted forward in time.

S. E. Smith has a way of entwining her plots with aliens, fun new technology, other species and a lot more in a way that is believable and hard to put down.  Discovering what happened on Earth after Gracie saved the day, how she would impact the current interplanetary system with her knowledge of the aliens that have reappeared and still find her happily ever after was exciting.  I couldn't put this book down and immediately went online to find out when the next book came out (discovered it was already out, and immediately purchased Krac's Firebrand, book two).

Abducting Abby: Dragon Lords of ValdierI have also read numerous other series by S. E. Smith, which I would highly recommend as well.  Some of them are: The Lords of Kassis, Cosmos' Gateway, Dragon Lords of Valdier, The Alliance, and plenty more.  The Dragon Lords of Valdier series is a particular favorite of mine because I love dragon stories and this particular series does have 'off-shoot' series such as the Curizan Warrior and the Sarafin Warriors, which all are a part of the same world and come back into each other.  Some of the differences between these series and the Zion Warriors series is that a number of these books overlap and take place at the same time, where you have a different couple and perspective around the same time.  There are even short stories involving the kids of the original couples.  It's really great!

If you are a fan of strong, independent woman, men who are a combination of possessive, protective and caring, and science fiction romance than you are going to love this author!

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