Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easy DIY Bird Feeder

Many of you may be like me and not have a garage at your house.  Between that and the lack of trees in certain areas of my neighborhood, I have discovered that birds REALLY love to use my car as a perch.  Has you can image, it's completely covered in bird poop now!  In an effort to redirect them to other places, I've been looking into putting up bird feeders and other perch locations around my yard.  This is a really easy one. 
Things you'll need:
  1. 2 liter plastic bottle
  2. wooden spoons: 2 or 3
  3. power drill and bits OR utility knife/craft knife
  4. screw in hook
  5. string
Total cost: $2, I got a cheap cent bottle of soda and a 3 pack of spoon for right around $2.  I already owned a drill, drill bits and a screw in hook.

Remove the label of the bottle.  Figure out where you would like to place you're wooden spoons. I staggered mine by size, shortest closer to the top, and 'facing' different directions.  Use your drill (if you're lazy, like me) or the utility knife to create 2 holes for each spoon.  One the size of the handle to hold your 'perch' in place and one larger one that allows the bird seed to fall into the spoon head, an oval shape works best.

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