Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Have you ever done this?

Have you ever seen something online or on pinterest or wherever and said to yourself...I can do that!

If you're like me than you've done this a lot!  And then all of a sudden, what have you gotten yourself into?!? Here's my current dilemma:
Over window shelf/curtain rod:

I saw this on pinterest.  Great idea, right?  All it takes is a board, two 2 brackets, a rod and, for me at least, 2 decorative ends to stop the bar from sliding around.  What this very lovely picture doesn't tell you is that...
  1. You have to make sure you purchase your board at home depot or a place that will cut it for you, unless you happen to have the tools to cut an 8 foot board at home, which I don't
  2. You have to find a rod that's not a closet bar because those are much heavier and too thick
  3. You have to find 2 shelf brackets that you love and cut a hole through them in EXACTLY the same spot on both so that your bar won't be cat-e-wonky when you hang it
  4. And, oh, you have to prime it, paint it, than double coat it and if it's rainy season this takes a looooooong time.  
    • Because, yes, you have a life and are busy on most weekends and are trying to sneak in a coat here and there between everything else!
    • And guess what?  It's much more difficult to paint a rod than you would expect, cause it's round and the wind tends to blow it around and then you end up with grass and leaves stuck in the paint!
 I started this project months ago, literally months, and here's where I'm at now:

Looks like I'm good to start assembling, right?  But, no, I have to finish one more coat of paint to cover the primer.  And then what?  You can see that it's a really long shelf, my intention is that it'll replace the vertical blinds on the sliding door.  How am I supposed to install this myself? I have not figure that out yet!

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