Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Make Your Own Wine Bottle Lights

I love to craft!  My latest endeavors have been with glass bottles, mostly wine bottles.  My latest one is drilling a hole in the base of a bottle to get lights inside it.  Once you have the correct tools, it is very simple.  Here's how it's done.
You will need:
  1. A bottle of your choice (I found fun colored bottled at a consignment store for a few dollars).
  2. A power drill
  3. A diamond tip, hole drill bit.  This costs about $18 at a hardware store, look in the drill bit section.
  4. Lights, I prefer battery operated lights so you're not restricted to being near an outlet to plug in Christmas lights.
Total cost of craft: $25 for the first one, now that I have the bit and get friends to give me their wine bottles the average cost is around $3-5 for the battery operated lights.
Fill a bin or your kitchen sink with water so that the bottle is covered.  This stops the glass from getting to hot and cracking while you're drilling.  Then it's just a matter of drilling a hole through the bottle at your chosen location.  It does take a little practice to hold things right, because the bottle is curved and your bit head won't want to stay in the same place until you've made a groove or indent in the glass.  I've found that I can steady the bottle with my left hand, tucking the drill head (above the spinning part) against the 'L' curve works best.  If you can't steady it this way you may need to create a way to hold the drill head in place, a 'stencil' if you will.  A few minutes of drilling and you're done.  Fish the drilled out glass out of the bottle and dry it.  Feed the light string into the hole.  If it's going to be an outdoor light, I suggest getting a cork or 'lid' so that bugs won't get into the bottle.

You now have a beautiful center piece or outdoor table light.

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