Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spider Game by Christine Feehan

I am a huge fan of the author Christine Feehan.  Her latest book is actually from my absolute favorite series of hers:  The Ghostwalker series.

Spider Game is the 12th novel in this series and it ended up being pretty great.  I was actually a little surprised by how much I liked it.  I saw this, after expressing my love for this series, because I'm been getting a little frustrated with Ms. Feehan for constantly throwing new male characters at us without completing the love matches for the original male characters.

If you're not familiar with the series let me start at the beginning.  Shadow Game is the first book and presents us with a special ops military team that has voluntarily undergone experimentation to be psychically enhanced.  They're being confined in a research facility, slowly being picked off by a group that's trying to sabotage the original experiment.  These are romance novels so, of course, the female lead works in the facility and ends up saving them.  It ends up that the savior female is part of secret experiments that the main researcher, Dr. Whitney, did on orphaned girls he bought from third world counties.  They were his first experiments, which eventually lead to the military experiments and since he did round one in secret, and had way to much money and power, he could brutalize the girls all he wanted. 

There are between 8 to 12 team members on the first team, but by book 3, Conspiracy Game, Ms. Feehan is already introducing a male lead from team two, who was experimented on at different location.  And then later in book 8, Street Game, and in book 11, Viper Game, two other teams are introduced that were also experimented on.  The fact that some of the other teams were mentioned fairly early on in the series didn't mean I wanted to read their stories before she was done with the men from team one. 

With all this in my head going into this book, I actually liked Cayenne and Trap more than I was expecting too.  I'll admit I sort of dreaded the spider thing, I mean seriously, how can you make any part of spiders sound appealing?!?  But it was.  Cayenne is a believable character, even with all her scars and violent past.  She actually has one of the worst back stories of all the female characters, but her interactions with other people and reactions to being around too many people was very believable.  And the sex is always good too.  This one turned out to be an excellent read.  I still think Murder Game and Samuai Game are the best ones in the series though (men are from team one)! 

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