Saturday, April 9, 2016

Author Recommendation: Laura Jo Phillips


If you are a fan of ménage romance/erotica and science fiction/fantasy, than I have an author that you are going to love: Laura Jo Phillips.
The first book of hers that I came across was through an Amazon recommendation since I had read other similar titles.  I believe she self-publishes or uses an independent publisher, so she isn't out there a lot.  I've never even found a photo of her, although I do know this is a pen name.  

The Dracons' Woman is the first book in a series called the Soul-Linked Saga.  This series is set in the future, where other planets, alien species, interplanetary travel and the like are normal everyday things.  The male characters are a species that call themselves the Jasani, hundreds of years ago their planet was destroyed and they fled its destruction eventually coming to an uninhabited planet they colonized and named Jasan.  Most of the females of their species were killed in their planets destruction so they've put out a call to compatible females to become mates to their males.   Now, Jasani are a species that always reproduce in threes.  Always triplets and unless males find their one perfect mate or Arima, as they call it, than those offspring are always males.  See the problem.  

In Dracons' Woman, Lariah arrives on the planet seeking refuge in a woman's sanctuary on the planet, but is almost immediately scented by a male set as their Arima.  The first Arima to ever be found in thousands of years.  She soon finds out that the Jasani people are shifters.  There are 6 different types of shifters or clans and Lariah's male set are Dracons, mammalian fur covered dragons to be exact.  (I love dragon stories!)  Lariah discovers that by mating with her male set, she will make the soul-link possible linking together the one soul that each of the triplets share, giving them immense magical powers and making it possible for them to have daughters. 

I know that this all seems very confusing, but Laura Jo Phillips does a fantastic job of explaining in a way that's not confusing and really enjoyable to read.  The scenes between the three brothers and Lariah are tender and HOT!  And as the series carries on, coupling off male sets from all of the 6 shifter types with women of all kinds and eventually revealing an unknown history of their people it gets even better!  It's also fun because there are multiple kinds of villains, some small personal revenge kind and throughout the series a destroy the universe kind.  And sometime around book four we are introduced to more female characters, one of which eventually leads to the Orbs of Rathira trilogy, which has become one of my favorites.  
The Orbs of Rathira trilogy takes place on the planet Rathira and deals with demons that are trying to infiltrate our dimension through a dimensional tear on the planet.  This trilogy is not a ménage story, each book involves one couple.  Each woman having a significant role to play to stop the demons from succeeding.  The third series that Laura Jo Phillips is currently working on is the Hearts of ICARUS series.  After both the Orbs of Rathira trilogy and the Soul-Linked Saga were completed, the Hearts of ICARUS takes up after them with the children of the couples from the Soul-Linked Saga trying to stop some of the ripples of damage caused by the universe killing villains from earlier.  It's all very exciting and they're just as good as the first few series'. 

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