Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Have you ever done this...part 2: Yeah!

It's finally finished!!!!!  It turns out that it was possible for one person to install this, it just wasn't me.  Thank god for brother in laws!!!  The way he did it was this...
  1. Determine where around your window or doors you want the curtain rod to hang
  2. Mount each shelf bracket to the wall so that they are level to each other
  3. Place your board with equal amounts of overhang on each side and use interior wood screws to mount the board to the shelf brackets
  4. Thread your curtain onto the rod and mount the rod into your shelf brackets
That's it.  Like last time, it still seems simple.  In my situation it was, I didn't do it.  My brother in law did!  But it was time consuming.  You need to be very precise about being equidistant on each side of the window/door and being centered. Also, if you intend to put stuff on your shelf than you need to make sure it can support the wait.

Find your studs, screw your board into the frame (that's what I did), figure it out!  Good luck!!!

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