Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pallet Compost Bin

I knew that I wanted a compost area in my yard somewhere, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it.  After looking at the ones you can purchase and browsing online, I decided that I would try my hand at making one out of palettes.

Things you need:
  • 4-6 palettes, depending on the size
  • L-brackets, 6 of them
  • part of a scrap 2x4 
  • weed block
  • tools: hammer, pry bar, saw, drill, staple gun
  • 2 hook and eyes
  • gloves to protect against splinters
  • Optional: stain
I ended up using 6 palettes for this.  3 were the same size, one was REALLY big, one was somewhere in between the big one and the 3 same sized ones and the last was a really crappy, not well put together one.  The REALLY big one ended up being the back of the bin and determined the size of the overall compost area.

I pulled apart (using my hammer and pry bar) one of the 3 that were the same size to use to fill in the gaps between the pieces of the other two.  You might be able to see that in the pictures.  These two completed palettes became the sides of my box.

For the front, I knew that I wanted it in 2 pieces, the lower half stationary and the top half removable so that I could reach in to turn the compost.  For this I used my power saw to cut the fifth palette above the middle 2x4.  The pieces of the rest of the palette I used to fill in the gaps.  I then assembled all of my stationary pieces using L-brackets.  Using what was left of the 5th palette and pieces of the 6th really crappy condition palette I made the top half of the front.  I made a box frame out of the 2x4s and used the palette pieces to match the lower half.  It sits on top of the lower portion with hooks keeping it from falling, one on each side.

On the inside I used my staple gun to attach weed block that I had cut to size.  Since I wasn't to worried about making it seamless, this is to prevent compost from pushing through the cracks and seams.  Optional: I had a bunch of water repellent stain left from the previous tenant, I used one to pretty it up.  The different colors of palette wood make it look really unique and nice after adding the stain.  It is movable, as it's not attached to the shed, open enough to dump more in easily, but closed off enough to prevent the dog and area critters from getting into it.

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