Saturday, April 2, 2016

Series Recommendation: Kitty Katt Series by Gini Koch

I am not usually a fan of alien romance and erotica novels, which are becoming more and more popular, but there is a small sect of them that are more like shifter and pararnormal romances and not gross, creepy alien novels.  So I was incredibly surprised to find out that I really liked the Kitty Katt Series by Gini Koch.

There are currently 12 books in the series with the 13th to be released in May 2016.  And since this is technically listed as a science fiction series, it doesn't follow a romance series concept.  By that I mean, that each book is not a different couple in the 'World' of the series.  The series follows the life of Katherine "Kitty" Katt as she discovers there are aliens all around, some parasitic gross things that take over humans and some good, incredibly handsome ones that are aligned with humanity to protect Earth from the gross and violent aliens.

Kitty is a take charge, no nonsense kind of girl that falls in love with an alien, but is so bad at keeping secrets from family and is such a pain in the butt to the villains, that eventually all of her friends and family are sucked into the alien world.  But then so is the rest of humanity when, later in the series, Earth is attacked and Kitty and her friends must save the day. 

Through all of the craziness of evil aliens and their megalomaniac allies, human politics and world hopping fun, Ms. Koch was able to create a series of intricate villains, dangerous situations, a fairly in depth introduction to US politics in relation to these bizarre situations, introduce new characters flawlessly, pair off couples as needed, and throw in the occasional tear jerker moments.  An all around fun series which has me highly anticipating the next book each and every time!

Katherine 'Kitty' Katt
1. Touched By an Alien
2. Alien Tango
3. Alien in the Family
4. Alien Proliferation
5. Alien Diplomacy
6. Alien vs Alien
7. Alien in the House
8. Alien Research
9. Alien Collective
10. Universal Alien
11. Alien Separation
12. Alien in Chief
13. Camp Alien (Out in May)

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