Saturday, May 14, 2016

Author Recommedation: M.K. Eidem

I am constantly on the look out for new authors.  Today's market can be very frustrating when I want a complete book, that is not part 1 of 3 sold separately, but a complete full length novel.  When I'm looking for these in the paranormal romance category, it can be even more complicated because so many authors are self-published and throwing together content to sell something and even though it's 75 pages long they still want $5 to $7 dollars for it.  Bleh, no!

But recently, I ran across the author M.K. Eidem and pass almost completely shocked to find that her writing was a full length novel, extremely well written and thought out and EDITED!!!  After reading the synopsis from one of her newest novels, and then finding out it's a series, I went back and purchased book one on my Kindle. 

You can not even understand how relieved I was to find an author that was actually worth my time to read.  I enjoyed it so much that by the end of the weekend I was the proud owner of the three books of the Imperial Series and the three books and two short stories of the Tornians series. 

M.K. Eidem's novels are all set on other planets and/or in space.   The Imperial Series is about a reality where Earth is an undiscovered planet that comes under attack and a fleet of the Coalition move in to assist.  While attempting to thwart the attack, a fighter is shot down and the pilot is saved by Cassandra and her family.  While he is being retrieved by his people, under imminent threat of death, Cassandra and her niece are taken aboard.  The moon is destabilized by the enemy and Earth is devastated, killing everything.  Cassandra and her niece must find their way in a new planetary system while constantly being pursued from some inexplicable reason. 

The Tornian Series is again set where Earth is an undiscovered planet, but this time other planetary systems have been seeking females after they have become nearly extinct, with 200 males to every 1 female.  Earth females are found to be compatible to Tornians and to save themselves, human females are kidnapped from Earth and brought to their system to become essentially 'breeders.'  The Tornians must find their way in a new reality, dealing with unruly, stubborn females that won't become the pampered toys they are trying to make them. 

Both excellent series that I would highly recommend!  Especially is the digital download age of breaking stories up into multiple parts in order for new authors to make money.  I don't know about you, but I'm not going to keep supporting this stupid trend that has just got to stop!!!!

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