Saturday, May 28, 2016

Glass Bottle Shelf Watering Planter

I have had a lot of fun using glass bottles for crafts now that I can cut them fairly easily (see previous blog for instructions). This one is a self-watering planter.  I scored the bottle  around the upper two thirds of the glass.  The upper half is flipped upside down and sitting in the lower half.  With screen (which can be bought at any hardware store) I cut a small piece to create a 'cup' with it in the flipped upside-down wine bottle top.  Take some string, I've used cotton 'wick' and twine but multiple lengths and tie them together about one quarter of the way from one end.  make sure the knot is on the top of the screen 'cup,' so that it will directly in the soil. 

Get any tropical plant, that need constantly moist soil.  Place a small portion of soil on the screen making sure that you can still see the ends of your string.  Place the root ball of the plant on top of that and fill in with the rest of your soil. Fill the bottom half of the bottle with water and you're done!  If you're interested in how I decorated the bottom to make is purple and green and blue, stay tuned for a future post about that!

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