Saturday, June 4, 2016

June Re-Readathon

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Saving Grace 

I'm starting a regular post that I'm calling the Re-Readathon to honor some of the good books that I've read, still own and re-read regularly because they were just that good. This time it's author Julie Garwood and a number of her historical romances set in the highlands.  There are a couple of books and series that are all set in the highlands and each is just as good as the last.  Saving Grace was the first one that I read and is still my favorite of her books.  A widow of an abusive f*-wad is getting a second chance by marrying a highland Laird.  She must first learn not to be afraid and second learn to live in a highland clan that is also recovering from war and turmoil caused by her late husband.  

There is also the Highland Laird series, which consists of The Secret, Ransom, and Shadow Music, and the Laird's Fiance series, which is The Bride and The Wedding.  The books set in the highlands are not the only good ones though, The Prize is also pretty phenomenal. There are more stand alone novels and a few other series which are good, but not my favorites.  Give them a try sometime if you're in the mood for historical romance, it's well worth it!
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The Secret
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The Prize

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