Saturday, June 25, 2016

Message in a Bottle Oil Lanterns

I had some fun with these.  Message in a Bottle Oil Lanterns.  The one in the middle does have lantern oil in it already, you can't tell can you?  Sand in the bottom, a 'message' made out of parchment paper and tied with twine, topped with a brass 'couplet'/ring thing, and wick.  I used electrical tape to give it a snug fit on the wine bottle.  On the other two shown, these are bottles that had screw on lids.  I drilled holes into them the size of my 'couplet' and gorilla glued them to it.  They screw on and off the bottles beautifully.  Check out my Etsy page to request a custom order if it's not something you want to try out yourself!

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