Saturday, August 27, 2016

Project Renovation - Picnic Table: part 1

 With the help of a friend, I received this old picnic table for free!  It's one of those older styles that were around more when I was a kid with a separate table and 2 benches.  If I went and purchased something today it would be one of those attached pieces that sometimes tip when you only have a person sitting on one side. 

Now comes the renovation!  I started with a good scrubbing.  There were a lot of spider webs (shudder).  I did debate replacing one of the boards which was on the verge of rotting.  After deciding against it comes the repainting.  I chose yellow for the new base color.  I'm also debating doing a splatter paint decorative affect once I get the base color down. 

As I said, this is part one of this project.  Please check back next week to see the conclusion and final results.

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