Saturday, November 26, 2016

Edible DIY Gift Fail!

Image result for edible diy lucy bakerI am reading an excellent book that I found at my local library entitled Edible DIY by Lucy Baker.  It is really an excellent book for gift ideas but my favorite section is the 'Boozy' section that includes some pretty great recipes for alcoholic mixed drinks that you can make and bottle for family and friends.

I really had some fun reading all of this.  My problem came when I didn't read all the details of the recipe list in detail.  Note the IN DETAIL part of this!!!

So the Minty Irish Cream Liquor that was supposed to look like this (left).  Actually looks like this (right).


Not to say that it doesn't still taste extremely wonderful.  I just highly recommend not drinking it out of clear glassware if you have a problem drinking dark greenish-brown liquids!

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