Saturday, November 12, 2016

Refurbished Thriftstore Finds

The hanging light in my kitchen is in a weird place.  The light hangs in the middle of the room and not actually over where the table is.  So when I bought the house, I've had it in my head to look for a hanging chandelier with a long chain so that I can install a hook and have it hang in the proper place.  It took some time, but my patience paid off.  This lovely looking light is a thrift store find that was a weird (ugly) light brown color.  Using some metallic rusted bronze spray paint, some soap and water to clean the grossness off, it has a lovely new life in my kitchen. 

It wasn't even that difficult to change the fixture myself.  Ground wire to ground wire, white to white and black to black.  Buy a hook set from Home Depot and wa-lah. 

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