Saturday, November 19, 2016

Review: Charcoal Tears by Jane Washington

Charcoal Tears Charcoal Tears by Jane Washington
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book surprised me. I did not remember that it was a young adult book when I finally got the chance to sit down and start it, so I had a little trouble getting started. I'll admit that I made it about 5 to 10 pages in before I got distracted and put it down. It was about two weeks later that I picked it up again and really gave it a chance. The concept of a young teen that just puts her head down and trucks through the battles of high school and her disastrous home life is not a unique idea, so there's a smoke screen to get through in the beginning. When two new kids in school bulldoze their way into her life and then to find out their two older brothers have also ingratiated into her life as well AND that there's a whole sub-culture of powered people that she is unknowingly a part of was a wonderful surprise.

All of a sudden readers are sucked into a crazy twist and turn story of a secret people, a magical, should be impossible girl, and a crazy stalker. Before you know it you've finished this novel and went to purchase the next two as well. The emotion is honest and a great read, the relationships between Seph and the brothers is a roller coaster of twists and turns that is hard to get off. The only thing that kept throwing me was the realization that would pop in every once in a while that she is just seventeen years old. I do wish Seph was a bit older for these stories but other than that I enjoyed everything!

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