Saturday, November 5, 2016

Zombie Brew and Potion Bottle Decorating

I read about this craft project on a Librarian's blog and couldn't pass up sharing it. 

You need:
  • glass bottles of whatever shape and size you are interested in
  • paper towels
  • mod podge or brush on glue
  • black craft paint
  • metallic silver craft paint
  • brushes, either bristle or foam
  • printable labels you can find online
Wrap you glass bottle with the dampened paper towels.  Completely coat the damp paper towel with your glue.  Let dry.  Paint your dried paper towel covered bottle with the black paint.  Let dry.  With a foam brush, dab the metallic silver paint over the top of the black paint.  There's no particular way to do this, just keep dabbing until you cover the bottle.  Let dry.  Glue on the label of your choice.  If you want it to be a usable bottle than seal the paint with clear coat.  You're done.

It's so easy and you can do a lot of bottle at once.  Just have the patience to let everything dry and have fun!

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