Saturday, December 17, 2016

Review: Alien Nation

Alien Nation Alien Nation by Gini Koch
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Always a page turning read from Gini Koch. I really love the Kitty Katt series. Kitty is a wonderful, well-rounded character with a wicked sense of humor that surrounds herself with some really great people. This novel continues the series really well and I think shows a wonderful possible future of what it would take for the world to come together and unite. Considering humanities history of war, it could only take alien invasion and the imminent threat of death to bring everyone to some form of understanding and cooperation. Kitty's speech to the religious and world leaders was very blunt and very realistic and true to today's problems.

Kitty's band of characters continues to grow as she finds more people that are absorbing into her world. She does this really well, whether they're other humans that she saves, bad guys that she reforms, or aliens that she either saves and/or befriends. It was also great to see a conclusion to one of the villain themes that has been plaguing the books for quite some time. It was starting to get a little old considering all of the new problems that Earth and Kitty keep getting into, and the final confrontation met all expectations.

You do start to wonder though, why the people around Kitty aren't all around more paranoid when they go into combat situations. You would think they'd be really tired of getting captured and rescued by Kitty and would therefore act differently, buy alas, no. I did enjoy that the characters are actually aware of this phenomenon and know it's a topic of discussion when going into battle! That when they get captured, Kitty has a beginning plan to get them out of it from the get go. Or at least a theory of a plan: Go with the Crazy!

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