Saturday, December 24, 2016

Review: Bean's Heart

Bean's Heart Bean's Heart by Laura Jo Phillips
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Laura Jo Phillips is an exceedingly excellent author of menage stories. She uses the 1000 Worlds 'world' that she's built into making the necessity of a 3M, 1F relationship a biological necessity that really works! I've read to novels since the beginning of the Soul-Linked Saga and this latest book of the Hearts of ICARAUS series, which is a spin-off/continuation of the Soul-Linked Saga, was a wonderful read!

The Hearts of ICARUS follows the children of the characters within the Soul-Linked series and this particular story is a part of almost a mini-trilogy within this series. This mini-series started with Vari's Choice, in which you learn that triplet sisters have had their very existence messed with since they were in the womb. We learn in Ria's Visions, which follows the middle triplet, that Vari is not the only sister that's been messed with. In Bean's Heart we see the conclusion of this mini-trilogy within this series.

Bean's story was an emotional roller coaster from start to finish. Chaos, the entity/thing that's been messing with the sisters, has been trying to kill Bean since she was seven and is seriously messing up her interactions with her destined mates. It was such a unique situation, we hadn't seen anything previously like it from Laura Jo Phillips. To have one of the brothers so adamantly against the relationship is so against my expectations of the series, but worked really well. I was thoroughly satisfied with the relationship interactions, the sister bond and the final defeat of one of the enemies we've been seeing since Rayne's Return!

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