Saturday, December 31, 2016

Review: Power Game by Christine Feehan

Power Game Power Game by Christine Feehan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Power Game is a magnificent addition to the Ghostwalker series by Christine Feehan! This is my favorite series that Christine Feehan writes, although I do read all of them! I love the idea behind the Ghostwalkers. A crazy, rich, megalomaniac that is super patriotic and with endless resources and no morals. I strongly suspect there are a lot more people in the world like this then is widely known so I find this series really fun to read. I'm also not strong in my knowledge of science but a lot of the details in this are so wonderful and seem plausible to some extent.

Even with all that, I was a little worried when starting this book because I was not as big of fan of the last book, Spider Game, as I have been of the rest of the series. Although, that is to be expected. Not every book in romance series are super wonderful to everyone who reads them. But this one reminded be a lot of the first few books in the series, where Ms. Feehan is giving us the third story from the fourth military group experimented on. She didn't try to add a whole bunch of new craziness and FINALLY started to conclude some things that had been dragging on throughout this series. It had a few 'took you long enough' moments, things readers (me at least) have been wondering why characters haven't dealt with before considering they have been known problems since like book four!

I loved Bellisia's character. Her abilities were super cool and the origin of her genetic mix was awesome! I wasn't a big fan of the snake or spider genetic mix, let me tell you! Ugh. I won't give away what it is exactly but I really liked it! It was also great to get to know Ezekiel, get some insight into his brothers through him and also be introduced to a few more members of their team. I know it's prep for future books, but since it's prep of existing characters and not another previously unknown experimented on team, it works. You will stay up late reading this one, so don't start it on a work night unless you can work on only a few hours of sleep!

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