Saturday, February 4, 2017

Review: Her Bastard Bridegroom: A Medieval Romance

Her Bastard Bridegroom: A Medieval Romance Her Bastard Bridegroom: A Medieval Romance by Alice Coldbreath
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I stumbled across this book in my Amazon recommendations and have been feeling at sea with my reading this year. All of my favorite authors aren't set to put out a new book for quite a while so I've been looking for something and getting tired of the short, rushed stories and the part 1, 2, 3, stories that have started to flood the market. With the wariness in me, I was exceeding surprised to find this novel.

A historical romance in which Lady Linnet is an orphan heiress that has been under the guardianship of her Aunt and Uncle since she was a child. They have spent her entire life convincing her that she is sickly, can't go outside or leave her tower room. All the while overtaxing her tenants, reporting false expenditures and pocketing the money. In steps Sir Roland, arrived at Cadwallader Castle to break his brothers brothel to Lady Linnet. After he delivers his news, Lady Linnet desperately asks him to step into his brother's shoes and marry her. He is quick to agree since his bastard status will never offer him a better opportunity and leads the way to cleaning house and showing Lady Linnet the lies and subterfuge that have been regulating her life.

It is an addictive read, I was up until two in the morning! Characters are well-rounded, emotional messes that they should be (since everyone whose ever lived is an emotional mess). They journey learning to live together and in Linnet's part, learning how to live at all is amazing to see. The conflicts that arise to due manly stupidity are realistic and her Aunt and Uncle's attempts to get her back under their power add a wonderful twist. I also really did like that although it was a historical romance there wasn't an attempt to place into significant historical time periods. No King William the Conqueror, Henry the 8th in site!

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