Saturday, March 18, 2017

Crafting My Own Fan Pull

I've recently installed a new ceiling fan in my living room.  Along with that I wanted new, decorative fan pulls since that ones that come with fans are really boring.  I knew that I wanted something to match the gold/yellow accent color of my room and I really like and wanted glass or prism style.  Finding something to my specifications was MUCH more difficult than I was anticipating!  When you're that picky about style, color and shape I guess I should have known better though.

After much research in my online shopping endeavors I came to the conclusion that with my experience making jewelry for myself, I should be able to make the fan pull I was envisioning.

I had in my Christmas decorations these amber colored, plastic prisms.  With the massive amounts of beads I own and all my jewelry making tools (shown on the left), I had all I needed to complete this.

I picked through all my yellow, gold and cream beading and my sturdy gold wire.  This wire is the thickest one I own and should hold up fine.  I took the chain from the fan pull that came with the fan and cut it in half.  If you look closely you can see the half length chain in the middle of the picture.  I strung my wire through the prism and secured it with a nice wrap around twist.  Then strung my chosen beads on the chain and finished it with a loop and the same wrap around twist to secure that end. 

With a second piece of wire I created a loop on the end of the chain pull that didn't have the connector piece on it and twisted my gold wire around the ball and spacers of the chain pull.  It gave a nice decorative gold look to the oil-brushed bronze color of the pull as well as being secure enough to pull on it as needed. There's my finished product.  I did make a second one with the other half of the chain for the light pull as well.  It matches the room the way I wanted and also is a nice decorative light catcher.

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