Saturday, March 11, 2017

March Re-Readathon

I have had some trouble recently finding books that I want to read.  Don't get me wrong, my bed-side table reading stack is HUGE but I just don't feel like picking any of them up.  So I've been doing nothing to help reduce my book stack, but instead raiding my favorite books that I read years ago.  Here's my most recent re-read suggestions.  Laurell K. Hamilton's Merry Gentry series.

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Now if you are familiar with Laurell K. Hamilton and possible started with her Anita Blake series, there's a chance you might be upset with her because in that series she started Anita Blake (the first five or six books) writing a really cool science fiction, paranormal series.  Then she had a mid-life crisis/divorce and went crazy with this series and they all became big erotica sex piles.

Merry Gentry is different, because this series begins and ends with the sex as the main theme.  You know it shortly into the first novel, Kiss of Shadows, and it keeps up, adding new people as each book and novels progresses.  The world is fun because it's a Earth where magical, powerful people are a fact of life.  The Tuatha De Dannan are real and have existed since long before they were known as Gods and Goddesses from mythology.  They were driven out of Europe and their 'fairy mounds' have been in Kansas ever since the U.S. gave them sanctuary. 

Merry is the first mortal Princess of this realm who has been hiding from her treacherous family for years.  She is discovered and brought back to her people with the understanding that her Aunt, the Queen of Air and Darkness is barren and she needs either her niece or son to produce the next heir to the realm.  Promising the throne to the first who can do this.  Merry agrees to attempt to get pregnant with the men of the Queen's Guard and embark on life and death situations that ultimately end up bringing the dying magic of the Fae back. 

Turns out, their magic has been dying for years, most everyone in both Light and Dark Fae kingdoms have been dying out and Merry is the key to bringing power back to their people.  She'll only have to survive her crazy Aunt, psychotic cousin, disillusion Uncle, who is also the King of Light and Illusion of the Light Fae and learn to handle the new magic she is awakening.  

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