Saturday, March 25, 2017

Review: Rikki's Star by Laura Jo Phillips

Rikki's Star Rikki's Star by Laura Jo Phillips
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am once again in awe of Ms. Phillips. She has this incredible ability to suck you into her stories even when you know what should be coming. Since this is book eight in the Hearts of ICARUS series and they successfully completed the mission that took place over the past three books, this one should have been either predictable or a stretch within this series. I mean, how many times can authors introduce new villains with a series before it gets tedious? But she is able to present her stories in ways that just suck you in, are unique and have real emotion and characters. It's incredible.

Rikki is the youngest daughter of Hope Bearen. She was from a triplet set born as shifters in the original Soul-Linked Saga series, which was unheard of in their world. So going in, we know that this three book set (each sister will have one) is going to be a bit different. The last three books sort of wrapped up the Chaos being a big influence on the Galaxy story line, but what is left is all of the damage that has been done. And in many ways is still being done, by the by-products of past villains.

I absolutely love the way this one is written! You start with a little prologue and then it jumps to the 'present' with is six or seven months later. Rikki is returning home after being out touch with her family in a while with her four month old daughter in tow, only her parents saw her seven months ago and she was NOT pregnant then. She's weak, frail, exhausted and she and her daughter are both terrified. Not only that, but four-month-old Charley is EXTREMELY intelligent for her age. What could possibly have happened? Her family and her Rami (male set [mates]) have to wrap their minds around the devastation that has changed Rikki's life and help her and Charley learn to be happy and feel safe. Oh, and also stop the crazy 'people' that are pursuing her!

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