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Review: Treyvon by M.K. Eidem

Treyvon Treyvon by M.K. Eidem
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I am seriously a big fan of M.K. Eidem. Her Imperial Series is magnificent, I re-read it all the time. The Kaliszian and Tornian series are just as wonderful! They are listed as different series' but in all reality they series set in the same universe happening at the same time, just to the different planetary systems within this universe. This universe was 'cursed' 500 years ago by their Goddess when a horrible man, who was also the Emperor brutalized his daughters, and the neighboring planetary systems found out about it. Instead of stopping the atrocity they used the situation to blackmail the Emperor for their own gain. The Tornians, whose Emperor was the offenders, was cursed to rarely if ever have female offspring and the Kaliszians planets died so they can no longer grow food for their population.

500 years later, Earth has been secretly discovered by other planetary systems and they are attempting to use this knowledge to take control of this space sector. The Kaliszians and Tornians have discovered the humans being used as slaves on some of their planets. After rescuing them, the Tornian Emperor discovers his mate and on another planet, one Kaliszian finds his as well and for the Kalizian Empire, she is the first mate in 500 years.

Jennifer is recovering from severe physical injuries from attempting to stops their enslavers from brutalizing Mackenzie (Mackenzie and Nikhil's story is book 1). After recovering she is drawn into the world of the Kaliszians through her training at being a Chef. With permission to use individual portions, she makes a simple stew and while doing so discovers that people only know how to make one thing and it's what's for dinner every night. Breakfast and lunch are basically ready-made food packets too. When the smell of her dish draws the notice of all of the soldiers in the compound she is eventually allowed access to all fresh food deliveries. Through discovering the hardships of their new home which is essentially a dead planet, getting to know the new people in their lives, and helping to uncover a conspiracy in they system, Jen and Supreme Commander of the Kaliszian Defense, Treyvon have a lot to overcome.

Such a good read! It was so unexpected too, it went from being 6 pm to 12 pm so fast!

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