Saturday, May 20, 2017

Author Recommendation: Elizabeth Vaughn

I read so much and sometimes, so quickly, that I'm always on the look out for the latest, greatest read.  My turnover rate of book over the past 15 years is REALLY high.  Not that this is a bad thing.  But what can be bad about it is that I forget how much I like series and authors that I've moved on from.  While recently scanning shelves at a local used book store I came across an author that I had read in a while.  She had multiple series that I loved and had completely forgotten about.

Elizabeth Vaughn
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Her original series started as a trilogy.  Warprize, Warsworn and Warlord followed the story of Lara and Keir. She is the Princess of Xy and he is the invading Firelander Warlord.  In their terms of surrender, Lara's father agrees to trade Lara as the Warprize to Warlord Keir.  Lara struggles to accept her new status in life, especially because she has no idea what it even means to these Firelanders.  Keir is forced to face change and strife when he claims a Warprize, something not done by his people unless their are dramatic changes coming to his people.  This trilogy was awesome from start to finish.

The next series was also a trilogy, Dagger-Star, White Star and Destiny's Star.  A story from a neighboring land to Keir and Lara's story.  Another excellent trilogy but this time it follows three different couples in each story instead of one couple through their three-part journey.

It wasn't til years later that I found out that there was a fourth novel to the Warprize trilogy, Warcry, which follows the story of some of the characters with the Warprize stories.  And now, another one is about to be released, Wardance.  The fifth story also made be aware that this series is now called the Chronicles of Warlands series, I always called it the Warprize trilogy. Elizabeth Vaughn does an excellent job of building these worlds and they are well worth the read and eventual re-read that I tend to give good books.  I discover new things every time I pick them up again!

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