Saturday, May 13, 2017

Review: Alien Mate by Cara Bristol

Alien Mate Alien Mate by Cara Bristol
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An epic start to what I hope is a new series! Cara Bristol does an amazing job of telling this alien romance story. Although the premise is very common right now in romance novels, the uniqueness of the alien appearance and their planet's story is really good. After a major asteroid/comet strike completely destroys their way of life, the Dakonians have learned to survive but their female population never recovered and they need mates! Earth is willing to trade since they need the completely useless to Dakonian rocks that can be used as power sources.

This test group of fifty women to arrive as 'mail-order brides' will hopefully be just the beginning. What they don't know is that these women a female Earth criminals given a chance to expunge their sentence for a life on a new planet. Starr Conner is among these women, sentenced falsely of second degree murder and shipping unwillingly with the carefully selected first group of women. She looks nothing like anyone else sent to Dakon, she's short and blonde when everyone else is tall, strong and brunette. Her appearance makes her the last pick as a mate for a Dakonian. Can she find happiness with her new mate when her very appearance is off-putting? Torg is so happy to have a mate but admittedly wouldn't have picked Starr is he'd been on time to the selection process. Torg and Starr must face new lives together, deal with jealous native Dakonian women and Starr's past, which follows her all the way to this new planet.

This novel was well written, entertaining and, with luck, the start to a new series. I really hope more stories are told about this world. Starr and the other women have a huge impact on this planet as they become settled into their lives and start to plot to protect Dakon from the future potential greed of Earth. As we all know, Earth doesn't have the best history of not crushing those perceived as lesser when they want something and their demand for this new power source will only increase.

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